Readers ask: The Florist The Town?

Who was the florist in the town?


Year Title Role
2009 Waving at Trains Douglas
2010 Clash of the Titans Spyros
2010 Inception Maurice Fischer
2010 The Town Fergus ‘ Fergie The Florist’ Colm

What did the Orange mean in the town?

Doug put the orange in there as a sign that he is still wishing to see Claire. The ball now is in Claire’s court. In the beginning of the movie, Doug also mentioned Tangerine which is a real place in Orange County, Florida.

How much of the town is true?

Moreover, although the story of the movie is purely a work of fiction, it actually passes references to several real -life crimes. For instance, one of its bank robberies refers to a real -life robbery in Hudson, New Hampshire in which two-guards got killed.

Who is Fergie in the town?

Fergus ‘ Fergie ‘ Colm: Cash is brought out and stacked fifteen minutes before the van does the pick up.

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What did sunny days mean in the town?

Claire, at first, tells him to come to the room to pick her up then Doug says he will come to the back door in an hour, Claire says she wants to meet him as it will be just like one of her sunny days, a reference to an earlier conversation when she said her brother died on a sunny day, meaning it’s a coded message to

Who was the town based on?

The Town is a 2010 American crime thriller film co-written, directed by, and starring Ben Affleck, adapted from Chuck Hogan’s 2004 novel Prince of Thieves. The Town (2010 film)

The Town
Screenplay by Peter Craig Ben Affleck Aaron Stockard
Based on Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan

How does Town End?

The Ending After disguising themselves as Boston police officers, Doug and Jem are able to successfully execute the heist of a lifetime. They steal $3,500,000 in cash but Doug’s ex-girlfriend, who is also Jem’s sister, breaks when Adam threatens her, and she reveals everything she knows about their plan.

Will there be a the town 2?


What happened to Doug’s mom in the town?

When it turns out (spoiler alert, but believe me, this plot point comes as no surprise when it’s revealed in the film) that his mother was intentionally overdosed by the local drug lord, Fergie (Pete Postlethwaite, acting with slimy, placid cruelty), for whom Doug’s band contracts heists, Doug gets his revenge and

Has anyone robbed Fenway?

Ten years ago this week, Ben Affleck and his crew put on nun masks, robbed Fenway Park, and made the ultimate Boston movie.

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Is Doug MacRay real?

Doug MacRay (1972-) was a bank robber from Boston, Massachusetts.

What is Charlestown famous for?

Charlestown has many places of historical interest, some of which are included along the northern end of Boston’s Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail ends at the Bunker Hill Monument commemorating the famous Battle of Bunker Hill, an early major battle in the American Revolutionary War.

Who is the real Doug MacRay?

Douglas ” Doug ” MacRay is a former career criminal and professional bank robber from Charlestown, Boston, which was the bank robbery capital of the world. In all of his years of being a criminal, he robbed two banks and seven armored cars, plus robbing Fenway Park during a baseball game.

Are there really a lot of bank robberies in Charlestown?

one square mile on Boston’s Freedom Trail) Charlestown is home to dozens of bank robbers. I grew up in the Bunker Hill Housing Projects, where many of the “boyos” lived. I had 10 or so friends I starting hanging around since I was 4.

Who is the book Prince of Thieves based on?

Prince of Thieves (2004) was adapted into Ben Affleck’s Academy Award-nominated film The Town (2010). The work won the 2005 Hammett Prize and was called one of the ten best novels of the year by Stephen King.

Chuck Hogan
Notable works The Strain The Standoff Prince of Thieves Devils in Exile
Children 4

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