Question: How To Find The Florist Grim Fandango?

How do you get on the roof in Grim Fandango?

Leave the office via the same window you crawled in through. Make your way back to the rope and grab the other end of it. Tie the coral to the rope, then throw it towards the ladder. You can now make your way across to the ladder and climb all the way up onto the roof.

How do you get the bone grinder in Grim Fandango?

Pick up the coffee pot, then go up the ladder that’s just next to the performer on the left. Drop the coffee onto the performer’s head, then climb back down and head into the dressing room to get prepared. Go back up the ladder and place the arm into the grinder. Take the grinder and climb back down the ladders.

How do you get the work order signed in Grim Fandango?

Walk to the back of the garage and knock on the door of the metal hut to encounter Glottis. Talk to him until you get onto the subject of a driver – tell him you need one, and he should be your driver. He’s not too big – the cars are too small. You will receive a work order.

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How do you get pigeon eggs in Grim Fandango?

If you run at the pigeons with the balloon, they’ll just chase you away. Once the balloon is in the vent, put in the Bread. If you did the correct order, the pigeons will eat the bread, pop the balloon, then fly away. Go get the Pigeon eggs then leave the roof.

Where is the turkey baster in Grim Fandango?

Go upstairs, then head through the door on your right to access the VIP lounge. Enter the kitchen and take the baster that’s in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. When the waiter arrives, wait until he enters the store-room, then shut the doors behind him. Use your scythe to keep him locked in there.

How long is Grim Fandango?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 259 10h 35m
Main + Extras 107 11h 33m
Completionists 149 11h 46m
All PlayStyles 515 11h 07m

Where is the high rollers lounge Grim Fandango?

Right next to the zeppelin there is a building where that guy (can’t remember if there were two or just one with a split personality) is selling cat racing tickets. Next to one of the two booths, there’s an entrance to the Lounge.

Is Grim Fandango on Xbox?

Grim Fandango Remastered Is Now Available For Xbox One And Windows 10 (Also Included With Xbox Game Pass)

How do you get VIP pass in Grim Fandango?

1 Answer. To be able to get the VIP pass to the high roller’s lounge, you need to ask him to make a counterfeit Union Card that you will need to get out of Rubacava. In return, he will ask you to retrieve his briefcase that you’ll need the pass to enter the lounge.

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