Often asked: How Can I Tell The Difference Between Florist Mums And Hardy Mums?

How can you tell if mums are hardy?

5 Things to know about Hardy Mums

  1. Mums have Multiple Sets of Flowers. Mums buds under the flowers. Mums have continuous blooms.
  2. Water Large Mums at Base to Prevent Splitting. This mum has split. Large mum containers are made of multiple plants.
  3. Overwinter Mums can be difficult. Prune mums in the spring. Mum stems are hollow.

What is the difference between mums and hardy mums?

Garden mums, also known as hardy mums, are perennial mums. The group of mums that are hardy actually go by two different common names: garden mums and hardy mums. Garden mums is the wording of choice, and these are the gorgeous flowering plants you see at garden centers in fall displays with pumpkins and gourds.

How do you identify mums?

Determine if the Button is Flat or Raised The petals of many mums emerge from a single point, but some also have a buttonlike center. If the button is flat and flush with the petals, it is a daisy-type mum. If the button is raised above the point where the petals are attached, it is an anemone-centered mum.

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What are hardy mums?

Hardy mums fill autumn scenery with the classic colors of the season. These perennial bloomers are known for their flower power, forming mounds of color that are literally packed with petals. Hardy mums not only bring terrific color to the fall garden, but they also have a virtually pest-free personality.

Do all mums come back every year?

Many people buy mums in the fall thinking the plants are annuals. These people toss the mums in the trash once the blooms have faded. But if you buy hardy mums, you can get them to bloom year after year.

When should I buy hardy mums?

Mid-September is the earliest time you should consider buying mums. However, each year the longer and hotter summers are pushing that date later and later into September, even into the month of October. As a rule, we at Southern Living recommend ” buying plants as they start to break bud. You’ll maximize bloom time.

How long do potted mums last?

Garden mums may be grown in containers, or planted in beds with existing shrubs and flowers. Flowers generally last about two or three weeks, depending on the outdoor temperatures and how far along the blooming process was when the plants were purchased.

What mums come back every year?

There are two types of mums: garden mums, which are treated as annuals and hardy perennial mums. Garden mums are the big, colorful annuals sold in pots each fall across the United States.

How do you save mums for next year?

Cut back the stems of the mums to 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm.) above the ground. Leaving a little bit of the stems will ensure that next year you have a full plant, as the new stems will grow from these trimmed stems. If you cut the mums back to the ground, fewer stems will grow next year.

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How long will mums bloom?

Depending on weather conditions and mum varieties, you can expect to get a good display of color for four to six weeks. Extended periods of hot weather will age the flowers more quickly.

How do you get mums to bloom?

Plant the mums in well-draining soil that receives full sun. Fertilize well to encourage blooms. If the mums produce spring blooms, pinch them back before late summer to encourage fall flowering.

Do mums like sun or shade?

How Much Sunlight Do Mums Require? Chrysanthemums are sun -loving plants. Although they technically require only 6 hours of sunlight each day, the more light they receive, the better their growth, bloom and hardiness. Slight shade in hot, summer afternoons is appropriate in warmer gardening zones to prevent scorching.

What can I do with hardy mums?

After the blooms fade, cut the plants down to about 6 inches, and cover them with straw or another dry mulch to protect the roots over winter. Established plants should be lifted and divided every two to three years. Mums can make a wonderful impact in containers.

Do you cut back mums in the fall?

You may opt to wait and cut mums back in late winter or early spring when new green growth emerges or cut the plants back in late fall or early winter shortly after they finish blooming. Cut the spent flowers and mum stems off about 6 inches above the ground after the plant has finished blooming.

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