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How big does Pieris get?

Pieris japonica is a broadleaf evergreen shrub that typically matures to 9-12′ tall with a dense, upright habit. It features drooping clusters (racemes to 6” long) of lily-of-the-valley-like white flowers in early spring.

How big does Pieris forest flame grow?

Pieris ‘ Forest Flame ‘ ( Pieris ‘ Forest Flame ‘) will reach a height of 4m and a spread of 2.5m after 10-20 years.

How fast does Pieris grow?

Its light green foliage darkens as the plant matures. Pieris japonica ‘Katsura’ reaches 3 by 3 feet in five years. At maturity, it can be between 6 to 9 feet with a spread of 6 feet.

Does Pieris like shade?

It bears attractive bronze foliage which matures to dark green, and white blooms resembling lily of the valley. Grow Pieris japonica in a sheltered, partially shaded spot in moist but well-drained, acidic soil.

Is Pieris poisonous to humans?

Excessive salivation, vomiting, and abdominal pain usually develops 6-8 hours after the plant is eaten. Honey derived from rhododendrons, Pieris and other members of the Heath family can contain toxic levels of grayanotoxin (“mad honey”), and can cause poisoning in people who eat it.

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What grows well with Pieris?

Pieris is tolerant of semi-shade and is tolerant of most garden conditions. Pieris look good planted with other acid loving shrubs such as Rhododendrons and Camellia to create a low maintenance shrub border. Pieris do not require routine pruning.

What soil does forest flame like?

Grow Pieris ‘ Forest Flame ‘ in a sheltered, partially shaded spot in moist but well-drained, acidic soil.

What do you feed a Pieris forest flame?

Mulching with pine needles or ericaceous compost in spring will conserve moisture and retain the acidity of the soil. Feed with an ericaceous fertiliser, which also feeds rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias, in spring. Yellowing of the foliage is an indicator that it is lacking nutrients.

Can Pieris grow in full sun?

Provide well drained soil, rich in organic matter. Pieris shrubs grow and flower best when planted in full sun or partial shade. They will grow in deep shade, but generally do not flower as well, and the new foliage growth is usually not as brilliant.

When should I fertilize my Pieris?

Fertilize as needed Fertilizer can be applied before the bloom time in late winter or just after flowering in early spring (mid-May). Spread fertilizer evenly beneath the shrub and water it into the soil.

Why is my Pieris japonica dying?

Nutrient deficiencies and root disease commonly occur on soils that are alkaline and poorly drained. There are a number of pests that damage pieris. Phytophthora root rot is the most destructive disease affecting this plant group causing the wilting and death of the plant.

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Is Pieris poisonous to dogs?

The flowering bush Pieris japonica contains a neurotoxin called Grayanotoxin which disturbs the proper function of the cell membranes. Pieris plant poisoning should be treated as an emergency. Protect yourself and your pet.

What conditions does Pieris like?

Pieris enjoy exactly the same conditions as rhododendrons; an acidic and lime free soil enhanced and improved with peat or leaf mould. Their roots need moisture and they are best grown in dappled shade with wind protection to ensure that they produce the copious display of white flower trusses in March or April.

Why is my Pieris going yellow?

Usually, the leaves will be yellow if there is lime in the soil or compost. You can use Hydrangea Colourant (Vitax) or Sequestered Iron (Doff) to keep the leaf colour. This treatment will need to be repeated every year. Avoid watering the plant with tap water.

What is wrong with my Pieris?

Look out for the following symptoms of pieris lacebug on Pieris and Rhododendron; The foliage develops a coarse pale mottling on the upper surface and by late summer the leaves can have a bleached whitish yellow appearance. Heavy attacks may cause leaf drop on Pieris.

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